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The light version of the site 35PHOTO will be completely closed from October 1, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. All uploaded photos to the site will be unavailable.
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Especially for all lovers of pictures, we have developed a lightweight version of the site 35PHOTO. Now anyone can try their hand at photography. We have tried to simplify the navigation on the website: management, download, chat - all made possible intuitive.

35PHOTO.lite site has some differences from the normal photosites. The absence of the usual division into genres, there are only two categories - "Film Photography" and "Digital Photography". The absence of the best photos by category, no photos of the day, photos of the week and date of birth The presence of only one button in order to vote, as well as the opportunity to see someone liked your picture. Now anyone can download the job and do not need to go for the pre-moderation. Since we do not position the site as fotohranilische is the minimum number of votes that need to dial in 24 hours from the moment of photography, if the required number of votes will not be scored the work will be removed from the site.

Placement of photos:

1. The rights to all images on this site are those of the authors of these photos.
2. Works scored 5 or less votes for 24 hours removed from the site.
Three. Photo must have artistic value.
4. Not allowed posting pictures drawn pictures.
5. For contempt in relation to the other (to them) to the user (s) of the site, the person who made the insult will banitsya for 48 hours. The repeated iteration, will be taken on an individual basis.
6. In the event of discovery of the boot is not their pictures, the user has violated the copyright, is removed from the site!
7. Administration 35photo.ru has the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use resource.

35PHOTO.lite 35PHOTO
Need to undergo pre-moderation +
Able to watch "Who voted?" +
Presence of a button "Yes" +
Can vote editors + +
Everyone can leave comments + +
Automatic removal work +
All users can vote +
Better work by category +
Creating albums +
Creating Communities +
Download series +
Batch loading of up to 5 photos +
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